Using something like mezzanines or modular offices inside of your Milwaukee warehouse can help you stay in your current space while your business continues to grow. Adding those additional spaces takes advantage of unused space within your warehouse and creates additional square footage without moving to a bigger space. For most businesses, this is the right thing to do thanks to so many advantages of staying put. Here are some of the benefits your Milwaukee warehouse could enjoy if you use mezzanines and modular offices to expand:

  1. Your staff won’t need to relocate. While some of them may be willing to drive further, chances are your warehouse move won’t be a small one. If you end up moving a great distance, you could end up losing some of your team who find jobs closer to home.
  2. You’ll be in the neighborhood you know and love. Every neighborhood has its quirks, even the industrial ones. Changing locations means needing to work with new industrial neighbors, and unfortunately, you won’t have any control over who is next to your new warehouse.
  3. It saves your company money. Moving a warehouse is an incredibly expensive undertaking. You’ll need to invest in new shelving and equipment and get it all set up before you move into your new space. Downtime can be costly, as well, and a mezzanine can be installed in a much shorter amount of time than moving an entire warehouse.

Of course, there are some advantages to moving your Milwaukee warehouse as well:

  1. New infrastructure. If you have the capital, setting up a new warehouse can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your equipment and infrastructure, which could, in turn, make your warehouse more efficient. That could end up paying you back for the cost of the move.
  2. A clean slate. Moving is a chance to get rid of paperwork, projects, and junk that’s been lying around in your old space. Cleaning it out before you get to the new space is a great way to start fresh, as well as eliminate hazards and freshen up your process.
  3. Your space can be more easily customized to your needs. Sometimes it’s easier to customize your warehouse when you are starting from scratch. You’ll be able to set up exactly how you want it without worrying about the existing equipment. Working with a professional warehouse designer can improve your efficiency and use of space even more.

Whether you decide to stay or go, RMH Systems has everything you need. We can help you install a great mezzanine in your current warehouse to expand your square footage, or we can help you find storage solutions for your new warehouse to maximize your space. Either way, you’ll be working with a team who cares about the success of your business and can help you custom design your warehouse. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or sending us an email for more information. We’ll help you setup your new or old warehouse so it perfectly meets your needs!