Feeling overwhelmed by all the improvements that need to be made in your warehouse? Maybe you need to install a carton flow rack, update your selective pallet racks, create a second level with a mezzanine, and automate with a conveyor belt system. Take a deep breath and relax, because it doesn’t have to all happen at once. We’ve helped hundreds of Chicago warehouses optimize their equipment, floor plans, and materials handling systems in order to make a happier, safer, and more efficient workplace. One thing that we’ve learned is that sometimes when these changes happen incrementally, little by little,¬†they can have an even bigger impact.

Something like a carton flow rack can make a big difference in how your warehouse works, and you’ll want to give your team time to adjust to these changes. Throwing everything at your team at once can be overwhelming and actually create more issues than it solves because it causes chaos in the workplace. Introducing items one by one, giving teams time to adjust and adapt, and then moving on to the next improvement, can be a great way to help your warehouse improve. It’s great for morale, too, to see constant improvement in the workplace instead of doing it all at once. Plus, it’s easier on your budget to spread out the investment over time.

Have your warehouse improvement list but aren’t sure where to start? Give RMH Systems a call. We’ll help you prioritize your Chicago warehouse’s improvement list and help you get the supplies and equipment that you need. We can even install it for you! Get in touch a let’s talk about what changes you can start with today.