When it’s time to purchase new pallet racking for your warehouse, you’ll need to decide if you should buy new or used. Many warehouses sell off their old pallet racking when they purchase new systems, offsetting the cost of their new pallet racks and giving you an opportunity to buy warehouse equipment at a deeply discounted price. RMH Systems often has both new and used pallet racking system in stock. But is used the right choice for your warehouse? Or would it be a better investment to go with new? Take time to research the pros and cons of both before you make a commitment to buy. We’ve listed out some of the pros and cons that you’ll want to consider.

New Pallet Racking


Buying a new system means you’ll be able to customize the system more easily to suit the needs of your warehouse. You can even customize the color of your racking, making a more cohesive look for your warehouse. Some pallet racking and other warehouse equipment come with a warranty when you purchase it new, putting your mind at ease about any issues with defective products. You won’t have to worry about matching an older system of racking when you start with new racking, too, making it easier to expand in the future.


You’ll pay more for your pallet racking up-front when you buy new. While it’s an investment in your warehouse, it’s also a massive blow to your budget when you have to invest in a lot of new pallet racking all at once. If for some reason you have to change systems in the future, that investment could feel like a waste of your money.

Used Pallet Racking


You’ll end up saving significantly over the cost of new pallet racking. That’s money that can go directly back into your bottom line. Purchasing used pallet racking is also the more environmentally friendly option for your warehouse; you’ll be placing less demand on resources for new pallet racking when you are recycling used racking. Very often, the used racking available for resale has only been lightly used, meaning you are getting almost-new racking at a fraction of the price.


It may be difficult to find a used system that’s compatible with your current system, making it more difficult to expand your storage when you need to do so. You may have to buy a lot more racking than you currently need just to ensure you have what you need for the future. If you don’t purchase from a trusted source, the quality of the used racking might come into question. You’ll want to make sure the racking is thoroughly inspected (or do it yourself). Saving money shouldn’t mean putting your warehouse in danger.

Should You Buy New or Used?

Ultimately, the question as to whether or not you should buy used pallet racking is up to the individual needs and budget of the warehouse. No matter what you choose, though, RMH Systems can help. We take in great used pallet racking along with our selection of new racking, so we can supply your warehouse with everything that you need. Talk to a member of our team today. They can show you a selection of both new and used pallet racking that suits your needs and help you decide which one is better for your warehouse.

Talk to a member of our sales team today! You can reach us by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. We’ll get back to you right away to learn more about your racking needs so we can show you just what you need.