Our customers love our carton flow racks! There are so many great benefits to a system like this, we don’t know why more businesses aren’t using them. Carton flow racks are first-in, first-out picking systems that help keep your pick line moving. We’ve done the math and compared them to a static carton flow system, and our carton flow racks can save you as much as 75% on labor costs. That means these systems practically pay for themselves.

One of the biggest benefits of these systems is the elimination of conflict between the picker and the stocker. You can have one team keep the pick team fully stocked without ever getting in their way and breaking their concentration and workflow. Your pick team will always have the items that they need right at their fingertips, and stockers are able to clearly see what’s missing and what needs to be restocked. Both teams will appreciate being able to efficiently do their jobs without getting tangled up with each other.

This is the perfect solution for pharmaceuticals, beauty supplies, computer components, and other warehouses where you are splitting up pallets and dealing with cartons and boxes. Not sure if it’s right for you? Take a moment to call our warehouse experts. The RMH Equipment and Engineering team will help your Chicago area business find the right storage solution for your particular needs. Whatever it is, RMH has it in stock and it can be installed in your warehouse in just a matter of days. Get started with us today!