Our promise to you is that every step we take is with the intention to move our customers closer to their business goals. After nearly two decades of service clients like Ethan Allen, Rockwell International, and the United States Air Force, we can proudly say that our customers’ success has allowed us to realize our own! Our objectives are to supply quality equipment and value-added solutions like our wholesale pallet racks, provide excellent customer service, focus on what we do well, work to build long-lasting customer relationships, and sell our products always based on value and never based on price.

A lot of our customers who are new to distribution and warehouse operations often ask us what RMI means and why it’s so important to them. Today, we answer those questions.

RMI stands for the Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. It’s a trade association group that provides a set of standards for companies like RMH Systems in the material handling industry. They’re also responsible for developing the highest safety standards for storage racks, structural systems, and welding wire rack decking.

Companies that are RMI certified like RMH Systems are committed to following these said standards and specifications. By doing so, companies like us are able to provide our buyers with the security of knowing that they’re purchasing a quality product from a company that follows only the best safety and design practices.

Call RMH Systems today and get your wholesale pallet racks from an RMI-certified company.