This year, RMH Systems, Inc. earned the “Top Workplace of 2021” award from the Des Moines Register for the 6th consecutive year. Based in Waukee, Iowa, RMH is one of sixty small companies across the state to receive this recognition. We are proud of cultivating a people-first, innovative culture and this recognition celebrates our commitment to ensure employees feel empowered to make decisions, voice their ideas and concerns, and act in the best interest of their customers.

Todd Maxwell, COO of RMH Systems summed up this award by saying “The RMH Culture is pretty unique and special. It’s such an honor for our employees to think that highly of RMH and the environment that we’ve created.”

“I think we won this award because we get out of the way and let our employees do their job,” added Chris McGuire, Human Resources Manager at RMH. “They get to take initiative; they feel empowered to take care of the customer and this is what RMH is all about. We allow them to uphold the integrity of the company.”

30 Years of Progressive Culture

RMH has evolved tremendously over the past 30 years, spanning three generations of family leadership promoting open, progressive culture. Fueled by passionate employees committed to solving customers’ challenges through innovation, RMH surpassed the 100-employee count this year and continues to explore new opportunities to expand the portfolio of solutions to best address customers’ unique and ever-changing needs. Take a moment to watch this video and explore our website and learn more about us.