Cold Storage Is The New ‘Hot’ Topic

The cold storage market continues to grow with consumer behavior continuing to shift as the comfort level with online shopping continues; In March of 2020, a survey conducted by Accenture found that about one-third of American shoppers were buying more frozen food than normal. Primary reasons for the increase: Consumer expectation has heightened for same day, next day delivery of all delivered products. Increase in [...]

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What You Need to Know When Choosing Warehouse Racking

Maximizing storage space is critical when you need to grow your operations but aren’t ready to expand your warehouse. Without the space to support growth, you may find your current infrastructure cannot accommodate increased inventory or larger orders. Investing in warehouse racking systems to optimize existing floor space can help alleviate these challenges. Learn more about your options and how RMH Systems can help you [...]

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10 Things to Consider for Palletizing Robots

Robotic palletizing systems are complicated. Robots are used in warehouses across the country to repeat the same function over and over again, which seems simple enough. However, there are a number of items to consider during your palletizing robot project, from scope to implementation. If you and your robotics systems integration partner don’t discuss the following items, you will have [...]

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Five Considerations When Partnering with Robotic Systems Integration

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of a business’s ability to thrive in today’s challenging environment. Ensuring consistent progress and minimal delays are some of the keys to staying competitive while driving down your costs. But while recognizing an efficiency problem is fairly straightforward, identifying the ideal solution is a little trickier, especially when so many processes are intertwined in a single system. [...]

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RMH Expands System Opportunities by Acquiring DAK Solutions

The RMH Management Team and David Kenealy (DAK President) celebrate. Waukee, IA, August 30, 2022. RMH Systems, a full-service industrial automation systems integrator headquartered in Waukee, announced the acquisition of DAK Solutions of Elmhurst, Illinois. DAK Solutions is a material handling equipment distributor and industrial automation solutions provider that has serviced the Chicago area and 45 states for 30 years. This move emphasizes [...]

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Robot Integrator

Automating processes with robots/automation is a great way to reallocate resources to safer tasks while improving productivity and quality, especially when you have an experienced robotic integration company at your side. FANUC Authorized System Integrators (ASI) is a trusted network of certified robotic solution providers who have the knowledge to identify your facility’s needs. From simple automation systems to more complex cells, they will [...]

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10 Factors To Help You Identify Industrial Automation Opportunities!

Have you been wondering if automation like robotics system integration could help you meet your business goals? RMH has outlined ten factors to consider in evaluating your situation: What processes are most monotonous and most disliked by employees? Which tasks pose the most safety risk to employees? Do you have skilled employees doing unskilled work? Where are the operational bottlenecks? What processes can’t be [...]

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8 Reasons a Workstation Crane Makes Your Operations More Efficient

Typically, when someone mentions an overhead crane in conversation it conjures up an image of a motor truck crane, a construction tower crane, or a heavy-duty motorized bridge crane pouring molten metal in a foundry. Workstation cranes have become a very hot topic of conversation as they have worked their way into assembly operations, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities over the last 40 years. As the [...]

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RMH Systems, Inc. Earns Top Workplace Award for 6th Consecutive Year!

This year, RMH Systems, Inc. earned the "Top Workplace of 2021" award from the Des Moines Register for the 6th consecutive year. Based in Waukee, Iowa, RMH is one of sixty small companies across the state to receive this recognition. We are proud of cultivating a people-first, innovative culture and this recognition celebrates our commitment to ensure employees feel empowered to make decisions, voice their [...]

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Workstation Cranes Improve Productivity and Provide a Safer Work Environment

When dealing with lifting loads, a closed track workstation crane offers a higher rate of productivity when compared to a similar I-Beam design for cranes. The amount of force required to move the bridge is far lower than what an I-Beam design would require, and for many applications, the increase in productivity rate alone can justify the cost requirements for purchasing a crane. In addition, [...]

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