The number of times a product must be physically touched from the time it’s put into your Chicago-area warehouse to the time you ship it to a customer directly correlates to how efficient your warehouse is operating. The fewer touches, the more efficient the warehouse. This can be a helpful measurement in determining if your pick path is operating the way it should be or if there is room for improvement. One of the things many warehouses need to consider is installing a carton flow rack on their pick line to reduce touch in increase speed.

If you are using pallet shelves to store cartons and individual pieces in your warehouse, chances are your employees are touching that project more than necessary. An inefficient pick line might require employees to handle products when opening the pallet or carton, putting it in a carton, carrying it to the pick line, placing it in a work area, assembling it with the rest of the order, and then transferring it to the shipping box. A more efficient process utilizes a carton flow rack. Then the product should only need to be touched twice: once by an employee to stock it on the pick line, and once by a picker when it’s placed in a shipping container. Carton flow racks keep your pick path more organized, too, so your team won’t need to be cleaning up constantly just to keep their work areas neat, eliminating time wasters and more touches.

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