We’ve helped many companies install mezzanine levels in their warehouse. Our mezzanine systems are a great way to add more square footage to your warehouse without an expensive construction project or moving your operation. If you are installing a mezzanine to gain square footage, though, there is one that we recommend doing in order to maximize on the potential of your new warehouse space: re-evaluate your overall floorplan.

Many warehouses think that leaving their existing space as-is and simply continuing to pile onto the mezzanine is the best course of action. Instead, you should take time during the mezzanine installation to evaluate your floorplan as a whole. Getting stuck in a rut with your floor plan (“that goes there because it’s always gone there” mentality) can decrease your speed and start to bog down your operation. As your warehouse needs change, so should your floorplan.

So how should you evaluate your space and decide what should go where? The simplest model is to put the fastest selling items closest to your pick station and move back in order of demand. You may choose to move your assembly team to the mezzanine, or even move your office team up there and free up space on the warehouse floor.

The beauty of taking the time to evaluate your floorplan is that your mezzanine gives you so many new options! If you need help deciding which option is best or would like one of our experienced team members to lay out your warehouse for you, just give us a call. We’re happy to help you maximize the potential of your mezzanine space!