Since RMH Systems was started in 1995, we’ve had a serious passion for making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the materials handling systems, like pallet racks and carton flow racks, that we provide for them. The more we can help move our customers toward their business goals, the more we move toward ours. After nearly two decades of proudly serving clients like Ethan Allen, Rockwell International, and the United States Air Force, we can proudly say that our dedication to our customer’s success and happiness has helped us realize our own.

We have a few focused objectives that our team lives by day in and day out:

  • Supply quality equipment to the customer and value-added solutions that will propel their business in the right direction
  • Always strive to provide excellent customer service
  • Focus on what we do well here at RMH Systems and be proud of it
  • Work to build ongoing and long-lasting customer relationships that work both in the favor of their business and ours
  • Always sell our products and services to our clients based on the value of said products and services, never based on price

One major part of every distribution system design that we deliver to our customers is being able to identify the differences between the current operating conditions and where the system can improve for better efficiency. Our RMH Systems project managers work directly with you to collect the necessary data and identify solutions that fill in the gaps between good enough and great.