Most pallet rack maintenance is fairly straightforward. It’s something that most warehouses do on a daily basis, so they have it down to a science–or think they do. No matter how much pallet rack maintenance you are doing on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your processes and see if there is something that you could be doing better. Here are a few commonly overlooked areas when it comes to pallet rack maintenance.

Minor Damage

When major damage is done, it’s almost always reported quickly because people understand that the potential for injury or an accident from pallet rack collapse could happen. However, they are more reluctant to report minor damage. This might be caused by a bump from a forklift, dropped merchandise, or simply human error. Let your team know there is no such thing as minor damage when it comes to your pallet racks and all instances should be reported.

Cleanliness Around Racks

As long as the racks themselves are clean and organized, you are in good shape, right? No. The area around your pallet racks is just as important as the surfaces of the pallet racks themselves. That’s because these areas are usually where employees are working, so any clutter, spills or obstructions present a hazard. That can lead to damage to your pallet racks, not to mention more on-the-job injuries.

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