Later this month you’ll be receiving a new price book in the mail and the changes there will also be reflected in your Dealer Online Quote Tool.  With only a couple of small exceptions, prices won’t be increasing.  In fact, they will be dropping slightly in many cases.

We’re changing the book early this time around for several reasons:

  • We’re expanding our offerings in several ways based on your feedback and ordering patterns, including new products and expanded product lines.
  • We’re adjusting for the beams that Interlake discontinued back in June, which I mentioned in that newsletter.
  • We’re making the price book easier to use by grouping by product rather than manufacturer.  This should make it easier to compare prices.
  • Last and least, prices are changing slightly.  Almost entirely down, but in either direction it won’t be a significant change.

We expect to get the new books in the mail no later than the 10th, and the changes will go into effect on the 15th.