In today’s world, efficiency and stock rotation are two terms that go hand in hand. RMH Systems offers a huge selection of different material handling systems based on what you need. Because we put our client’s needs and success first, we’ve been able to stay at the forefront of the materials handling industry for nearly two decades.

What are some of the solutions we offer?

The Push Back Pallet Rack. This is a high-density storage solution that offers selectivity and accessibility to a large number of products. With this system, pallets are stored in lanes and rest on cart-on-rails. It works from a single aisle so that pallets are stored by pushing back the previously placed pallets with the new pallet. When the front pallet is taken away, gravity works to move the next pallet down into the ready position. Who does this work for? If you want to avoid lift trucks entering the rack while also being able to access each pick face, this is for you. You should have pallets of the same size for this to work efficiently.

The Cantilever Rack System. This solution offers load-bearing arms connected to one large column in the center. This leaves the picking face totally open, unlike other systems. This rack system is ideal for warehouses that carry furniture, appliances, flooring, lumber, tubing, textiles, and the like. Who does this work for? If you need to store awkwardly shaped items with high visibility of the stored products, this solution is ideal for you.