Reviewing forklift safety should be a part of the regular training schedule in your Chicago warehouse. If it’s been a while since you’ve gone over forklift safety with your team, you’ll want to get it on the schedule soon. The busy holiday season will likely have your warehouse team moving quickly, and you don’t want to sacrifice safety for speed. By the end of the season, both your team and your Chicago pallet rack shelving will thank you.

Forklifts are a vital part of your warehouse, but they can be a major source of cost and damage if not used properly. Remind your team to use best practices when driving and working around the forklift, and treat all machinery with respect. Also, make them aware of the importance of notifying management about any accidents in the forklift, no matter how minor they might seem. This will allow your management team to address any damage done to your Chicago pallet rack shelving as well as ensure proper workmen’s compensation rules are followed.

Chances are accidents will happen this holiday season as you are in a rush to get your products out the door. Going over forklifts and other safety precautions multiple times during the season can help lower the frequency of the accidents as well as the severity. If you need help with pallet rack shelving inspections or replacements during your busy holidays, just give the RMH Systems team a call. We’ll get you set up with everything you need to keep products flowing safely in and out of your Chicago warehouse.