Help Keep Your Customers Safe

Beam-locking devices aren’t exciting or even particularly interesting, but they are an important part of making sure that beams and the SKUs on top of them don’t come crashing down.  In fact, the ANSI/RMI standard requires a locking device that prevents disengagement of the shelf beam when subjected to 1,000 pounds of vertical uplift force.

RMH is ready to help you help your customers keep their beams where they belong.

Universal Replacement Pin

The universal J-pin replacement is faster and easier to deploy than a nut-and-bolt solution.  As shown below, the pin simply slides into matching aligning holes in the beam and frame and drops into place, locking the beam in position.  Moving the beam is equally quick and easy.

Pinch Pin Beam Lock

Another easy-to-deploy solution is the pinch pin, however, this solution is specific to Ridg-U-Rak frames and beams.  While it might work with other manufacturers racking, it should be tested in advance.  Let me know if you need a sample for testing purposes.

Slotted Rack Clips

While a universal or pinch pin lock may work with a slotted rack, there’s a more visible and even easier replacement lock available for hook and slot systems.  As shown below, these clips are inserted into the slot above the beam hook, locking it in place

With used equipment often the first choice these days, I know that I’ve seen an increase in broken beam locks and I bet you have too.

RMH stocks all three of the solutions above for you starting at $1.40 per beam so should consider ordering a handful just to have on hand for quick-fixes and impressing your customers.