As I mentioned in the December 8th blog post, Interlake has begun changing the end plate connections on their beams from the rivet/stud connectors to punched connections, as shown to the left.

I’ve now received additional information on changes to the beam capacities, end plate heights, and compatibility with different frame styles and because there’s a lot of information involved, I’ve turned it into a PDF document that you can download here.  It’s also available from the Toolkit page.

Right now, Interlake is still shipping the “teardrop” rivet beams but that could change at any moment.

While I do have a decent supply of the old style in our warehouse available, you should know that at least one customer has made a point of buying all our stock for a particular beam because of this change.  As a result, I can’t promise that I’ll have the rivet-connection beams if you need them.