Replace manual repetitive-motion tasks to save money, time, and energy.

Many customers we meet with are struggling with the same issues:

  1. How do I find consistent, effective labor?
  2. How do I maximize the performance of my staff?
  3. What do I need to do to improve productivity while keeping things safe?

These are very common issues in warehouses across the country. Luckily, there are a number of solutions. Today, we want to focus on intelligent lifting devices. An intelligent lifting device (ILD) is a variation of the robotics field that focuses on human-machine systems. ILDs leverage the strength and power of a machine with the control and cognitive thinking of a human. The ILDs are perfect for repetitive-motion tasks such as picking-and-placing heavy objects on the conveyor line or pallets. These task roles can become exponentially safer, productive, and cost-effective.

Gorbel ILD Study

Wait, we can be safe, productive, and cost-effective? Sure it sounds great, but do these ILDs really live up to their promises? Our friends at Gorbel have released a study that looks at the effectiveness of their version of an ILD, the Gorbel G-Force. This study looks at the overall advantages of deploying ILDs in your warehouse including:

  • # of lifts per hour
  • Average energy expended
  • # of precision placement lifts
  • % of lifts exceeding force threshold
  • Force to reverse direction