In an industry that contributes roughly 20% of the half-million annual musculoskeletal disorders reported annually, finding ways to reduce these injuries really isn’t an option.  Implementing ergonomic improvements helps you avoid the high cost of worker’s compensation but more importantly, keeps your facility workers happy and healthy.

Lifting with Proper Posture

Facility workers need to use the proper posture for lifting.  The Office of Research Services (part of the National Institutes of Health) recommends the following:

  1. GET CLOSE TO THE LOAD.   Get as close to the load as possible—as if you’re hugging the object. Having the object close to your body put less force on your low back.
  2. MAINTAIN YOUR CURVES.    Keep yourself in an upright position while squatting to pick up
  3. TIGHTEN YOUR STOMACH MUSCLES.    Tightening the stomach helps support the spine.  Don’t hold your breath while tightening the muscles.
  4. LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS.    Your legs are the strongest muscles in your body— so use them.
  5. PIVOT DON’T TWIST.    Turn with your feet, not your back. It isn’t built for twisting from side to side.

Workers in a busy operation often ignore proper lifting techniques simply because it’s more comfortable to lift the load wrong.  It feels unnatural to squat to lift, so repeated training and vigilance are important to ensure that lifting is done correctly.

You can click here to learn more from the National Institutes of Health Office of Research Services.

How RMH Can Help

In addition to having almost 20 years of experience supporting and providing equipment to the material handling industry, RMH is dedicated to helping you succeed in reaching your strategic goals.  Providing the knowledge and equipment that support the health and safety of your facility workers is just one aspect of the benefits of working with us.

Among the ergonomic equipment we can offer are dolly’s, ergonomic workstations, carts, portable expandable conveyors, platform trucks, scissor lift tables, hand trucks, specialty stackers and cranes and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about the services and products that RMH can provide to support your ergonomic initiative, just get in touch. We’re always here to help.