Hytrol Conveyor Company, the third-largest conveyor system manufacturer in the country, wanted to automate their parcel bed manufacturing process (The Silver Cell). In Jonesboro, AR, unemployment is less than 2%, and it is very difficult retaining enough people to build parcel bed conveyor safely and efficiently. Hytrol has been a vendor of RMH Systems for 40+ years, so the relationship has been strong for quite some time. The roles reversed for this project – Hytrol turned to RMH Systems for help with 40 years of trust as the foundation.

Silver Cell Reduces Production Time, Employees Needed

RMH Systems designed a system that incorporated industrial robotics to bend sheet metal, laser-cut holes, remove scrap, and weld parts together. RMH Systems designed, integrated, and installed a system that cut their production times down from 60 minutes per bed to 12 minutes per bed. And in this difficult labor market, Hytrol was able to reduce the number of people required to operate the cell from 19 people to 3 people. Hytrol understood the need for automation as business continues to grow. The Silver Line allowed Hytrol to take on new customers, and gain market share in the parcel industry. They produce parcel beds at a rapid pace by industry standards, and they do it in a safe environment.

Both Hytrol and RMH Systems are proud of The Silver Cell. It’s a keystone project to highlight the capabilities of RMH Systems, and the innovation and commitment to the progress of Hytrol Conveyor Company. The 40+ year relationship is intact and stronger than ever. But don’t take our word for it, watch this video to see just how much our Silver Cell robotics system integration has impacted Hytrol’s manufacturing process:

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