When most people think of warehouse layout design, their first thoughts go to pallet rack systems and other types of industrial shelving. And while those are certainly the most common ways of ensuring warehouse optimization, they’re certainly not the only way that we at RMH can separate spaces in a warehouse. We can also create prefabricated modular offices, install warehouse mezzanines, and install guardrails on the main floor in order to delineate certain spaces and prevent vehicles from striking pedestrians.

Today we’re going to talk about a simple yet very effective way of protecting certain areas in a warehouse: wire partitions. These wire structures, sometimes called wire security cages, are a great way to keep certain areas of an area off limits. Let’s take a look at the most common ways in which wire mesh partitions are used as a warehouse solution.

Robotic Enclosures

While we haven’t yet reached the point in history where we need to keep our robots in cages because they’ve developed a taste for killing us Terminator-style, that doesn’t mean that robots can’t be dangerous.

Not every robotic arm or unmanned packing implement has sensors that will make it stop should it come into contact with a human. They’re meant to work autonomously, and they’re often built knowing that they will be separated from humans via structures such as wire mesh cages. When the robots are doing their job, very few people should have the authority to enter into the area for fear of damage to the robots and injury to humans.

High-End Product Protection

While you’d like to think that no employee you hire would ever steal from you, we all know that even the best background checks and the strongest references won’t stop every company thief.

Nearly every retail shipping warehouse will have certain items that are worth more than others. Most often it’s electronics, but other times it might be jewelry or spools of copper wire. These high-cost, compact items are the most common targets for thieves, so wire mesh partitions are an excellent way to restrict access only to people who need to be in there. Not only can it prevent theft, but it can also prevent finger-pointing and rumors after a theft occurs.

Expensive retail products aren’t the only items that wire enclosures are meant to protect. Expensive tools are also kept in them so that they can’t be stolen, as wells as chemicals that could be used for illicit purposes.


Fusebox and Electrical Components

How many people in the warehouse really need to be anywhere near the electrical boxes that control power to the entire warehouse? Not many, we’re sure. Not only could it cause a major hiccup in your shipping, but it could also be a major safety concern for the person messing with the panels.

Wire mesh cages are an excellent means of keeping the power on and protecting anyone who might want to mess with it, whether it’s a drunk employee or an employee’s kid who simply likes switches.


No matter what’s behind the doors of your wire partitions, you want to keep it safe. But warehouses are known for heavy machinery moving about, whether it’s a basic forklift or specialized dolly. Unfortunately, warehouse vehicles can sometimes get away from employees, and that means expensive electronics, electrical boxes, or delicate robots could be damaged quickly if not for the protection of a wire mesh cage.

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If you need to protect a particular area of your warehouse, wire mesh partitions are often the way to go. They can be built just about anywhere and customized around any particular space. Contact RMH Systems today!