Here at RMH Systems, we supply pallet racking systems and other types of industrial storage racks to a huge variety of businesses. Some are businesses that have been around for decades and are replacing old, worn-out storage racking. Others are up-and-comers in the retail field, growing and growing as their product takes off. Either way, we’re here to help them with their warehouse optimization, whether they have one or a dozen.

As businesses grow from back room to storage unit to small warehouse to large warehouse to multiple warehouses, their needs for pallet rack systems change as well. Each change brings with it challenges, but it also brings the opportunity to make everything much more efficient. Let’s take a look at some steps that can be taken to optimize spaces, especially when multiple warehouses are involved.

Reset Your Inventory and Purge

When your business is growing, it can be tempting to just focus on growth. But growth is often kept in check by “ghosts” of the past, the things that are keeping a company down. This could be a person who’s tied to the past and just can’t accept change, or maybe it’s an idea that worked well when the company was small but now is keeping growth in check. Another aspect of a business that should be addressed is inventory which just keeps getting in the way every time you turn around.

When growing from one warehouse into two (or more), it can be tempting to think “We have all this extra space, let’s keep everything!” But that inventory isn’t just taking up space; it might also be a tax liability. Moving it along, even at a loss, could end up being the right choice in the long run. It’s certainly going to take some weight off your warehouse supervisor’s mind, and once it’s gone they’ll never have to worry about moving it around ever again.

Implement The New Inventory System

The time before expansion into another warehouse can be an excellent time to implement a new inventory system. That’s because now is the time you’ll have the least amount of inventory, and waiting until after the new warehouse is up and running just means more and more inventory under the old system. And the more inventory you have, the less likely you are to ever get around to implement a better system.

There’s no doubt that it takes planning to get a new warehouse management system up and running. But implementing while the new warehouse is being built ensures that the new inventory will match what you already have.

Standardize Sizes and Systems

Pallet racking systems are getting better all the time. There are more options than ever, from wire decking to drive-in pallet racks to cantilever storage racks, and they’re more robust and safe than ever before. At RMH, we have the most innovative systems around.

You already know you can work with you old pallet rack system, but is it really as efficient as it could be? If you’re getting a better system in the new warehouse, now might be the time to consider swapping out your old pallet rack systems to match the new ones you’ll have installed. Standardizing ensures that everything will work well together.

But wait, what about your old storage racking? There’s actually quite a market for used racking systems, and we can help you sell it via The Used Rack Warehouse.

You Might Not Even Need The New Warehouse

Look, we’re interested in selling you dozens of new pallet racks for your next warehouse. But sometimes we actually prevent that with another service we offer: warehouse layout optimization.

Warehouse optimization means making the most of your existing warehouse space. Most warehouses have an incredible amount of wasted space, and we’re in the business of space optimization that allows some businesses to cancel that new warehouse construction. It might mean utilizing existing industrial shelves more efficiently, or it could be replacing the current pallet rack system with one that’s exponentially more efficient. Either way, it could prevent the need for an additional warehouse.

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