One of the delicate balances that you have to strike as a warehouse or distribution center manager is having enough pallet racking without spending too much or overcrowding your space. Sure, you could toss up some pallet racks and call it good. When your business first starts, this probably was good enough. As you continued to grow, though, maybe you just kept adding more racks until your setup is a haphazard mess and not really working for anyone anymore. Maybe you’ve run out of space for more racks, have too many racks, or are concerned that your current space is such a mess that you need to start over (or move). All hope isn’t lost, and RMH Systems can help.

How to Determine How Much Racking You Really Need

There are a number of factors that you’ll need to take into account when determining how much pallet rack you need to purchase, including:

  • The size of your warehouse.
  • How much square footage you are devoting to racking.
  • The weight limit of the racking.
  • How much your inventory weighs.
  • Your inventory levels.
  • What kind of racking you’ll be using.

It can be a fairly complicated process. The easiest way to get started is to create a warehouse layout that takes into account the above factors and lays out your warehouse space, giving you a blueprint for setting up all of your warehouse equipment.

How to Cut Down On Your Pallet Racking Needs

If you are running out of space, though, and need to store more inventory but don’t have any more room for pallet racking, it’s time to optimize what you already have in place. RMH Systems can help you do this in a number of ways.

  • Warehouse optimization. Sent us the dimensions of your warehouse and we’ll send you a plan that utilizes your space more efficiently. We can increase the capacity of your current warehouse so you don’t need to face the expenses of moving. We’ll even take into account your current inventory of warehouse equipment and help you determine what to keep, what to replace, and what to sell.
  • Process optimization. A personalized warehouse layout from RMH Systems in Chicago will take into account all of the products and projects you handle on a regular basis and help you streamline it into a more efficient process. You’ll see production rates climb!
  • Used rack sales. Once you’ve seen your optimized layout, you may discover that you need to purchase additional warehouse equipment to make the most of your available space. If you do, we’ll help you find exactly what you need at a great price. However, if you find that you have too much equipment on your hands, we can help with that, too. We’ll find a buyer who is willing to give you a great price on your used warehouse equipment so that investment doesn’t go to waste.

Make Sure You Have Exactly What You Need for Your Warehouse

RMH Systems can help you optimize your space, your time and your money in your warehouse. We’ll make sure you aren’t spending too much of your budget on warehouse equipment and draining your bottom line while ensuring you have a layout that is working for your warehouse’s needs.

Ready for a warehouse layout that’s perfect for your business? Get in touch with the RMH Systems team today! We’re ready to get to work on an AutoCAD design that lays out your warehouse for optimal efficiency. Give us a call or contact our project management team through our website and let’s get to work on a warehouse design that’s right for space.