When was the last time you created a thorough documentation of the process used in your Chicago-area warehouse? This documentation isn’t just for the benefit of new employees; it can be a fundamental tool to increase your warehouse’s efficiency. Documenting your process forces you to examine what you are doing and look for ways to make it better. This can affect everything from the number of pallet racks you have set up to the safety of your employees.

Don’t just rely on your knowledge when documenting the internal processes of your warehouse. Make sure you get employee input about the process that’s used–what they actually do may differ from what you perceive they are doing, and this can both help you identify problem areas as well as discover new methods that are better than the ones you had in place. Talk to both new and long-term employees for information, too. They both may offer unique perspectives on your process.

All of this should be done with the goal of creating thorough documentation of how things are done within your warehouse. This documentation should be so thorough that if necessary, someone could step into your warehouse and keep it running based on your information. It’s also a great way to plan for the future of your warehouse. Using your current documentation can help you discover things you’ll want to do in your facility in the future: increase the number of pallet racks, install a conveyor system, or even install a mezzanine level for your pick line.

If you’d like help with the documentation process or have discovered areas that you’d like to improve, contact RMH Systems in Chicago. We’ll help you get the equipment you need to make your warehouse run as efficiently as possible!