International warehousing trends indicate that more and more warehouses are turning to robotic automation to speed up order processing and meet customer demands. Setting up this kind of automation isn’t something that your business can do overnight, though, and you’ll need to take the time to evaluate your current warehouse industrial shelves, setup, and employee skill sets to determine how to best implement automation in your warehouse. RMH Systems can help you make sure that you have the industrial shelves that you need for smooth robotic automation integration.

Your industrial shelves and warehouse layout have a lot of impact on your automation success. If you plan on using robotic picking systems, you’ll need to make sure you have shelves that are open and organized enough for the system to work in. You’ll also need to determine if your current layout leaves enough space for robots to maneuver within while still allowing room for your human team as well.

Want to know if your current industrial shelves are going to be a good fit for future automation? Call the RMH Systems team. We can help you evaluate your current setup. If you require new industrial shelves to pave the way for automation, we can help you find the right shelves for a great price and can even handle the installation for you. Get in touch with a Milwaukee project manager from RMH Systems for more information. You can call us or reach out to us through our website today.