A modular office can be a great addition to your warehouse. However, for most warehouses space is at a premium, so to give up a couple hundred square feet of space for a prefabricated office can be unthinkable. You might have more space in your warehouse than you think, though, especially if you look up. A lot of times RMH Systems can install modular offices on mezzanine levels of your warehouse. We can set up the mezzanine level, too!

Most warehouses have tons of overhead space that is not being properly utilized. By making the most of that space, they can effectively grow their warehouse without the expense of a construction project. The mezzanine level can even be shelf-supported, so not only do you get an extra level, but you could get even more storage out of the project. More storage, more square footage, and office space all from a mezzanine level and modular office. This is a win/win for your warehouse.

You can check out the mezzanine level and modular office gallery on our website to see more of these projects we’ve done for other warehouses. This is a great way to see what we might be able to do for you as well. The possibilities are really endless and will have a lot to do with your space, your budget, and your goals. When you are ready, you can contact a project manager at RMH Systems to start your modular office and mezzanine-level project. Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started!