Once you’ve decided to purchase modular offices from RMH Systems for your Chicago warehouse, you’ll want to decide what accessories you want to finish out the design. If you are using the Integra 400 series of modular offices, you can shop for the accessories in our online catalog. You’ll be able to find accessories such as:

  • Fixed and sliding windows. Windows are a great way to provide visibility to the rest of your warehouse floor. Sliding windows give the option to ventilate the modular office.
  • Outlets. You’ll probably want to stock up on plenty of these! Use them for computers, desk lighting, and other equipment needs.
  • Phone and data outlets. Especially important if you’ll be using the modular office for desk space.
  • Heating and cooling units. Some warehouses may not need these while others will find it a must, especially if you are placing the modular office in a space that isn’t already temperature controlled.
  • Doors. Choose from wood or steel doors to meet the needs of your space.
  • Powder coat framing. This is a nice upgrade for your modular office which helps it not only look nicer but last longer.

You can place an order for your modular office accessories on the same order as your modular office, or you can order many of these items after your initial order. Talk to a RMH Systems representative if you have any questions by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. We’re always happy to help you get the information you need!