Get to know our productivity experts!

Marc Collis has been a cornerstone of RMH Systems, pioneering growth through new opportunities as the General Manager for the Packaging Division. His hard work and dedication paved the way for the longevity of a key division for RMH Systems, allowing us to offer a wide range of Packaging Equipment and supplies across the Midwest. After more than 20 years with RMH Systems, Marc is looking ahead toward retirement and will be stepping back a bit in his role this April. While he’ll still be around the company and available to assist customers and salesmen, we wanted to send Marc off by having him be our first employee in the spotlight for our newsletter.

Name: Marc Collis

Title: General Manager, Packaging Division

Length of service: 20+ Yrs

Q. Favorite place you have traveled to and why?
A. I’ve been lucky to travel to Europe a few times for business and for fun. I love the culture, especially the beer in Germany and food/wine in Italy and France. My wife and I loved Cinque Terre in Italy and can’t wait to go back someday.

Q. Biggest fear?
A. Sand traps

Q. What is the weirdest job you have ever had?
Vaccinating and neutering pigs. Lots and lots of pigs.

Q. What would you be doing (for a career) if you were not working here?
A. I’d be a drummer for Jimmy Buffett

Q. Tell us something surprising about yourself.
A. I have my pilot’s license but am somewhat afraid of heights

Q. If you could learn from any mentor, who would it be?
A. Other than Jesus? Probably Warren Buffett

Q. What kind of music is on your playlist?
A. A LOT of different music. All-time favorites are the Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Lynyrd Skynyrd but I will often listen to jazz, classical, or Jerry Jeff.

Q. Who has influenced you the most at RMH?
A. Tom and Steve (Howard); their integrity, easy nature, and how they care for employees and allow them to work and succeed on their own.

Q. What is one thing that surprised you about working at RMH?
A. I came to RMH simply thinking that we would start a new division and sell as much packaging machinery and material as possible. As it turns out, we helped develop a company-wide proficiency to offer automation solutions that significantly impact our customer’s bottom lines. It is incredibly exciting to see how far we have advanced in 20 years!!

Q. What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to and why?
A. I’ve always cared very much about the customer’s well-being and want them to be more prosperous by using the ideas that we offer. I think most at RMH feel the same way and that explains much of our success.

Q. Describe RMH using 3 words.
A. Capable, pleasant, gratifying

Q. Highlight your biggest accomplishments at RMH.
A. I’m just proud of my years at RMH, the contributions I have made, the opportunity to be a part of a great team, and the friendships with coworkers and customers that I will always have!

Congratulations, Marc and thank you for being such a valued member of the RMH Team!