If your warehouse is dealing with a large number of cartons on a daily basis, you need to be using carton flow racks. These racks use rollers to move cartons to the front of the shelf, giving your team constant easy access to items and helping them process orders much faster. It’s the perfect solution for your pick area since you can create multiple rows of your most popular items, all at your picker’s fingertips. The more you use carton flow racks, the more you’ll love them and want to incorporate more of them into your operation.

The footprint of your warehouse can also be stretched so far, though. Eventually, you run out of room for your carton flow rack selection and pallet shelves while still having enough room for your forklifts, ladders, and lifts to maneuver. You’ll end up stacking products and merchandise in every available nook and cranny, which isn’t just inefficient–it can become a safety hazard to your workers. So what do you do when your warehouse runs out of space?

Create More Space for Carton Flow Racks On a Mezzanine

Many Chicago warehouses assume that when they run out of space, it’s time to move. Moving your warehouse can be extremely expensive, and it may not be conducive to your workflow. It’s an added expense that might not be right for your warehouse right now or there may not be a suitable location nearby. It can also put a stop to your business and end up making some of your customers very unhappy. If you are eager to avoid losing time and money but still need to add space to your business, you need to start looking up, not looking out.

Adding a warehouse mezzanine can add valuable floor space to your current location. These structures utilize unused overhead space in your warehouse, adding an extra floor for storage or even a pick-and-pack module. While they are great for conveyor belts, pallet racking, or other warehouse equipment, they can be especially great when coupled with carton flow racks. That’s because they can create a new, improved picking area for your warehouse that can be easily serviced from the bottom floor and give your pick team everything they need to speedily process all of your orders. Once you move your carton flow racks to the upper level of your mezzanine, you’ll also be creating space underneath the new level where you can put more materials handling equipment such as pallet racking or even a prefab office or break room.

Let RMH Systems Help You Gain More Space Without Moving

You don’t have to move your operation to get the space that you need! It’s often a matter of optimizing the space you already have. The RMH Systems team is excellent at this and can provide you with layouts and AutoCAD plans that can help you arrange your warehouse in the most efficient way possible. We’ll show you how a mezzanine or new carton flow racks can help you make better use of the space that you already have in your warehouse. You’ll be amazed at what we can do and how we can help you make your existing materials handling equipment work to your benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about adding a warehouse mezzanine to your current facility, get in touch with the project management team at RMH Systems. We can design and build a warehouse mezzanine that adheres to local building codes, and you’ll end up with more floor space without moving your facility or disrupting your workflow. Call us or contact us through our website and we’ll get to work on your new warehouse mezzanine right away!