It’s a constant battle to find the right balance between cost and quality when it comes to your warehouse equipment. Whether you are helping a client set up their warehouse for the first time or are a warehouse manager who is improving on the equipment that’s already in place, you want the best equipment possible. But you also want to pay the least amount possible for it. When you are paying attention to every penny that’s coming out of your bottom line, that’s understandable. However, sometimes the cheapest options end up being the most expensive. It’s worth reminding yourself that sometimes the best deals aren’t necessarily the cheapest options. You’ll want to consider the cost of your warehouse equipment over the entirety of its lifetime to discover which option is really the best deal available to your warehouse.

Still, think cheap equipment is the way to go for the bottom line? Read on to discover why that may not be true.

Why Cheap Equipment Isn’t Worth It & How to Find the Best Deal

Why Your Warehouse Should Avoid Cheap Equipment

Cheap pallet racking can end up costing your warehouse more in the long run. That’s because cheap racking is cheaply made, and that can invite a host of problems such as:

  • They need more repairs and replacement parts. Cheaply made warehouse equipment, especially pallet racking, is going to need to be repaired more often as well as need more replacement parts as the cheap stuff wears out faster.
  • They need to be replaced sooner than higher-quality options. Cheaply made warehouse equipment will need to be replaced in its entirety more regularly, meaning that even if you continue to replace it with the cheap stuff, you end up paying more for your equipment over the lifetime of your warehouse.
  • They can be the cause of lost productivity in the warehouse. When equipment breaks down, productivity is affected. That’s especially true if the equipment that breaks is something like a conveyor line or pallet racking. Slower productivity means your warehouse is losing money.
  • They can cause workplace injuries and accidents. Cheap equipment can break and cheap pallet racking can collapse. That puts your team in danger of being injured or worse on the job.

In the end, cheaply made pallets can not only cost you more money, they can cost your business its reputation. And that can be the most expensive cost of all.

How to Avoid Cheap Equipment Without Spending Too Much

There is a difference between cheap warehouse equipment and high-quality equipment that’s available at a great price. While it’s true that the cheapest option might not be the best option for your warehouse, it’s also true that sometimes you can get a great deal on warehouse equipment if you know where to buy. Working with a trusted warehouse equipment supplier can help you find equipment that’s made from high-quality materials and sold at a great price, so you stay within your budget while still getting equipment that’s capable of holding up to your tough demands. Take time to shop around; just because you get a quote from one dealer doesn’t mean that’s what it is going to cost with every dealer. It’s worth taking time to compare pricing and find out who can give you the best deal.

RMH Systems offers great prices on pallet racking and other warehouse equipment without sacrificing quality. We do it by:

  • Offering volume discounts. Buying in bulk for your warehouse can help you save big on your overall equipment costs. We offer a 2% discount on orders of $5,000 or more and 4% discounts on orders of $10,000 and up. Projects of $15,000 or more can benefit from even bigger discounts.
  • If you need to order smaller quantities of equipment, let us know! We may be able to bundle your order so you can still save without meeting the volume discount thresholds.
  • We work with only the best in the business and develop close relationships with our suppliers so we can pass the savings onto our clients. It’s what’s helped establish us a trusted warehouse consultant in Illinois and across the Midwest for more than thirty years.

Working with an established and trusted dealer can help you find a great deal on top-quality warehouse equipment.

Contact RMH Today for Affordable Warehouse Equipment

When you see the selection and pricing available at RMH, you’ll be sold. We focus on quality equipment at great prices, and that’s what we’ve been providing to the industry for more than thirty years. Give us a call and we’ll help you place an order or you can do it through our website. Our team will make sure you get the equipment you need while staying within your budget. Find out why our business has been a favorite of warehouses across the country for years and start working with one of our project managers in your area today!