When you developed the packaging for your products in Milwaukee WI, what were your first concerns? For many, it’s the look of the product itself. Of course, this is an important factor–consumers are much more likely to purchase a product with attractive packaging–but it isn’t the only thing you should be worried about for your packaging needs. When it comes to designing the packaging for your products, be sure to think about how they’ll sit in a pallet rack.

If you work with a supply chain expert in your business, they probably brought this up in a design meeting–and you should listen to them. Your packaging may be gorgeous, but if it doesn’t fit well on a standard pallet rack, it might not be worth it. You could end up paying far more in shipping and handling than you intended to do, and that can greatly increase your cost of goods. Avoid these errors by paying attention to your packaging design and talking with your warehouse team. They’ll help you figure out how you can improve your packaging in order to make it more efficient.

Once you have your packaging figured out, we can handle the pallet rack. RMH Systems offers great pricing on pallet racks so you can get them installed in plenty of time to hold all of your new products. Let us know what your materials handling needs are and we’ll get to work helping you get your warehouse set up and ready to go. Give us a call today to get a free quote on our pallet rack systems, warehouse design services, and more!