Conveyor systems don’t just move products across a horizontal path! Conveyor systems can also be configured to move products from one level to the next, going up or down. This can be a huge boost to the productivity of your warehouse as well as lower your overall expenses. Here is how:

  • Conveyors allow workers to send products on their way to the next phase of production without taking them there personally. This keeps the worker focused on the task at hand and doesn’t needlessly use their energy to move products around.
  • It can eliminate your need for expensive machinery such as pallet movers and forklifts to move products from one level to the next. This saves you on the expense of purchasing and maintaining this equipment as well as paying people to run it.
  • Use of this system can lower accident rates since you won’t have workers handling and moving equipment and putting themselves at risk for strain injuries.
  • Conveyors can lower the rate of damage to products, too, since there is less room for human error. That means less damaged out losses affecting your bottom line.

There are a variety of conveyor systems for vertical movement, either spiraling down on rollers or using rubberized belt conveyors to move things up. No matter where you need to move product, up, down, or sideways, RMH Systems will find the system that’s right for you and get it installed right away. Give us a call or contact us through our website for the conveyor system that you need.