Warehouses across the country are filled with industrial storage racks of every shape, size and configuration. These shelves hold everything from cupcakes to cars and provide the backbone of a warehouse’s operations. If you are a warehouse manager, you depend on these shelves every day. Over the many decades that RMH Systems has been in business, we’ve seen it all when it comes to industrial shelves and we’ve helped many warehouses overcome the issues they have with their storage spaces. There are a few issues that we’ve seen over and over, though, and many of them can be easily avoided. RMH Systems can help.

What Mistakes Are Warehouse Making?

  • Not having enough storage. Whether they are trying to cram too much on a shelf or leaving inventory in the aisles, not having enough storage is a major issues. RMH Systems can help you reconfigure your space to maximize the storage that you have or offer solutions to make your warehouse work for you.
  • Not loading their industrial shelves correctly. How you load your shelves is as important as what you load them with. Improperly loaded shelves can be more prone to collapsing or toppling over, resulting in loss of goods and injuries to workers. We can help you ensure you are loading your shelves correctly and even develop a plan for where all your inventory should go.
  • Not training enough. Many warehouses assume that their experienced team members know what they are doing when it comes to working around industrial storage racks. They might, but chances are better that they need a refresher course on their safety training. Train your team often to ensure they are following the properly procedures.
  • Not fixing their racks when they are damaged. What looks like a little damage to you could actually be a structural disaster waiting to happen. Damage to your shelves should be taken seriously and addressed right away. Bring in an experienced repair technician to ensure the repairs are executed properly.
  • Not performing inspections often enough. A yearly inspection of your warehouse just isn’t enough. There should be items on your inspection list that are addressed daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. RMH Systems offers inspection services that can help you get started and see what items should be addressed regularly.

Call RMH Systems for Assistance

Whether you need to find more storage space, have an inspection, train your team, or just need help with virtually any other aspect of running a warehouse, the RMH Systems team is here to help. We hire engineers and other professionals who are experienced in the warehouse industry and understand the specific needs of your business. We’ll work with you to improve the function and safety of your warehouse and be a resource that you can depend on. You can reach out to our team for help or advice on your industrial storage racks or other warehouse concern by calling us or contacting us through our website and connecting with one of our experienced team members today.