Investing in the right warehouse equipment is one of the most important things that you’ll do for your warehouse or distribution center. That’s because your warehouse equipment plays an incredibly important role in how efficiently your warehouse operates. But investing too much in your warehouse equipment can drain your bottom line and set your company back years in terms of showing a healthy profit. So when you need to find the right warehouse equipment at a great price, you need to find a trusted distributor like RMH Systems.

Looking for Great Prices on Used Warehouse Equipment?

When you are searching for great used warehouse equipment, start with RMH. We often take in previously-owned pallet racks and other equipment from companies across the Midwest. Often these pallet rack systems are still in perfectly good shape; they may not have met the needs of the company any longer and they needed to upgrade. We’ll take their old systems, scrap out pieces that may no longer be safe, and offer them to other customers who are in the market for affordable wholesale pallet rack systems. There are a number of advantages to buying your used equipment from RMH:

  • We inspect everything before we sell it. You can rest assured that while you might be getting a great deal, you aren’t sacrificing the safety of your team. We’ll take out any pieces of equipment that aren’t safe for use and scrap them, only selling you the good stuff.
  • We can help you set up your new equipment. We have installation crews that can help with the set up of your new equipment as well as the tear down of your old stuff and even inspections to ensure safety and quality.
  • We understand the warehousing industry. You will be working with warehousing experts who can help ensure you are getting exactly what you need and maximizing every penny in your budget. We have experience in the industry so we can better understand and meet your needs.

Are You Getting the Best System for the Best Price?

That means you could have more options than you think when it comes to buying from RMH Systems! Make sure you contact a member of our team before you make a purchase to ensure you are getting the best system for the best price. We can help you determine if one of our used wholesale pallet rack systems is right for you, or if you’d be better off going with a newer system. You can be assured that we’re getting you the right system for the right price when you work with one of our project managers. We can even work with you to develop an optimized warehouse layout that shows you where every piece of warehouse equipment should be placed to get the most out of your space and your equipment investment.

Call Our Team to Discover Great Deals on Warehouse Equipment

If you are a company who is looking at upgrading your current pallet racks, let us know. We’re always interested in your old systems! We can even send our teams to dismantle and remove the system, and if it’s no longer safe, we’ll scrap it for you. If you are looking for a new system, get in touch with us. We often take in old equipment that is still perfectly suited for the warehouse environment.

Give us a call whether you are in the market to buy or sell a wholesale pallet rack! We’re available over the phone or by contacting us through our website. We’ll help you buy or sell your warehouse equipment and get everything you need!