As we help our customers by providing smart warehouse management solutions and materials handling systems, RMH Systems strives to offer the most innovative solutions around while keeping costs low and value high. Whether you’re looking for a pallet rack solution or a conveyor system or something in between, you’ll find everything you’re looking for when you work with us. If you have a distribution facility that specializes in high-volume order processing, pick modules or picking systems are a great boost to productivity and organization. With a picking module solution, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • More organized orders. Why? Pick modules are to place ordered items in their proper place, and when they’re ordered/activated, they pick the right orders for the workers to prepare for the customer.
  • You’ll find that your workers are less stressed. The fact that an order-picking system makes order-picking more organized means that order-picking is less stressful for your employees.
  • Because your workers will be less stressed, you’ll find that they’re more productive. Why? It’s now easier for them to finish a massive amount of orders because order picking isn’t as stressful anymore.
  • Faster order completion. This is a great benefit to picking modules as completing orders can be done in a jiffy.
  • You’ll find that there are a few mistakes made with pick modules, too. ┬áBecause it’s computer operated, there are like to be fewer mistakes with the picking system compared to solely using humans.
  • You’ll have more satisfied customers due to all of the reasons above: but most importantly faster order completion and fewer errors with orders.