What’s the hardest part of completing a job that involves material handling equipment? It may just be finding a source who will listen—really listen—to you.

Earlier this year a customer of ours wanted a conveyor. It didn’t need to be fancy. It just needed to work reliably, and it needed to offer as much value for the dollar as possible. When we presented our proposal, we learned that our price was lower than that of our two competitors by about a factor of three.

What gives?

We listened and gave the customer what he wanted, so much so that he began to add back some features he originally thought he couldn’t afford.

At RMH we know that our job is to design and install what you need. The interest we serve is yours. When you work with us, you are working with a team dedicated to giving you the best cost-value combination possible. So, if at any time you want to discuss racking systems, conveyors, modular structures, mezzanines, or any of the other items that could help make your material handling operations safer or more productive, let us know.

We promise to listen carefully and do our best to turn your request into the kind of system you’ll be proud to own.