As your company grows and expands its product offerings, you may find that a conventional palletizer is unable to handle the variable packaging for your product line. A traditional automated case packing system has its share of disadvantages: the large footprint, along with an inability to handle a variety of product dimensions. Robotics divisions have made great strides in recent years, proving to be viable substitutions for traditional palletizing and depalletizing systems. A palletizing robot is a better solution than a box palletizer, since it allows you to efficiently palletize mixed case pallets containing a variety of product sizes. Learn more about choosing a robotic palletizing systems manufacturer and the five reasons you should invest in a palletizing robot:

Advantages of Palletizing Robots

1. Smaller Footprint

Palletizing robots take up a fraction of the space when compared to it traditional palletizing system counterpart. Whereas an automated palletizer system is conveyor-based, palletizing robots require far fewer conveyors which allows them to fit into small-scale facilities where space is at a premium. By switching to a robotic palletizing system, you could free up floor space currently utilized by a large conveyor-based system and regain room in your warehouse to grow and expand in the future.

2. Scalability

Demand isn’t a consistent flow for most companies. Robotic palletizing systems make it simple for you to scale back the workload during the slower production periods. Alternatively, they also allow you to ramp up production in order to meet an increased demand. This process is much easier with a robot than the traditional systems, where you would need to turn off entire lines via a time-consuming and difficult process.

3. Flexibility

As your company grows and evolves it is likely to require the addition of new product offerings, and these are not likely to remain the same exact size as your existing products. A palletizing robot has the ability to pick packages of varying sizes without needing to go through different systems. This allows you to save time and workload when palletizing different products via an automated palletizing robot.

4. Speed

Implementing a palletizing robot can speed up packaging efforts almost immediately, providing a quick start for your return on investment. Packaging lines become autonomous and take a fraction of the time previously needed to get product ready for shipment. Palletizing robots provide a more consistent packaging operation with less downtime compared to traditional systems.

5. Decrease in Labor Injuries

Palletizing products requires repetitive bending over and lifting of items, which puts strain on a worker’s body. This can lead to work-related injuries which are expensive, time-consuming, and cause production delays. Our robotic palletizing systems decrease the amount of labor required for packaging because they automate the dull and dangerous work, helping to mitigate labor injuries.

These are just five reasons why you might want to implement a palletizing robot into your packaging system. If you want to learn more about what an industrial robot palletizer can do for your company, please call or fill out the form below. You can also contact our team of packaging experts to learn about our robotic systems integration is guaranteed to save time and money through increased efficiencies.

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