Safety Items can help keep your workers safet!

Anyone who works in a warehouse knows can be a dangerous job. Forklifts, racks, pallets, and electrical equipment present a wide variety of potential hazards to people and products in the warehouse environment. Here are five must-have safety items every warehouse needs to protect workers and products that are packed, palleted, and racked.

Personal Protection Equipment

Depending on what kinds of products are stored and what type of equipment is used in the warehouse, a variety of personal protection equipment (PPE) will be necessary to ensure workers’ safety. PPE can include hard hats or helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-resolution outerwear, and respirators.

Eyewash Station and First Aid Kits

There may be hazardous materials in the warehouse that could severely injure or impair workers, especially if chemicals splash into their eyes. Eyewash stations are essential to minimize harm, as is training on how and when to use them. Also, multiple first aid kits should be appropriately positioned and clearly labeled throughout any large warehouse for easy access.

Emergency Exit, Directional, And Warning Signs

Everything in a warehouse should be clearly labeled. Restricted access areas, no smoking signs, and emergency exit signage are essential.

Labels that clearly identify hazardous materials and the specific dangers they represent (fire, explosions, harmful vapors, etc.) should be affixed to any container that has such materials.

Reference guides that explain danger and warning symbols and how to respond to accidents must be readily available. Signage must be visible and posted in all languages used in the warehouse.


Forklifts and pedestrians don’t mix. Use guardrails and floor tape guidelines to separate them and avoid the risk of accidents. Guardrails can minimize forklift collision damage and block off areas where equipment or pedestrians should not go.

Sprinkler Protectors

Sprinkler systems have become an integral part of warehouse safety and protection, sprinkler heads are now located directly above or within the rack system. In-rack sprinkler systems leave sprinkler heads vulnerable to storing and retrieving pallets and increase the risk of catastrophic damage from accidental spray. Heavy-duty fire sprinkler head guards can prevent expensive damage.

There are many more types of safety and protective equipment and gear that are necessary or required in warehouse environments. When you need experienced advice on essential warehouse safety equipment, consult this list of five must-have safety items every warehouse needs.