Every warehouse eventually grapples with the problem of how to get more items onto their already packed shelves. If you need more storage but don’t have the square footage for any more pallet racks, you still have plenty of great options that can help you increase your storage capacity. RMH Systems offers these three great ideas:

  1. Go up. Many warehouses aren’t utilizing their overhead space. By either expanding their pallet racks upwards or adding a mezzanine level, they can increase their storage capacity without taking up more of their floor space. An RMH engineer can help you determine how high your pallet racks can go and whether or not a mezzanine deck is the right choice.
  2. Reinforce your shelves. A lot of times your existing pallet racks can be reinforced so they can take on more weight. This means you can safely pack them full of your merchandise without worrying about a pallet rack collapse. Our team can help you do this or recommend different pallet racks that can bear more weight.
  3. Revise your layout. Warehouses often just stick shelves wherever they can, but over time this can lead to an inefficient layout. Our CAD team can create a mock-up of an optimized warehouse layout using your existing shelving. This can show you how exactly to rearrange your current equipment to give you more room and more storage options.

Want to learn more about these pallet rack ideas for your warehouse? Get in touch with the RMH Systems team today.