Pallet Rack Supported Demising Wall

Our customer had a large warehouse area utilized as a workout area and basketball court. As business grew, they needed more space for product storage, and this space was the perfect spot to expand. They wanted to keep the basketball court, but needed a way to separate the two areas. How do you do that economically?

An Unconventional Solution with Conventional Equipment

In came some RMH creativity. They had recently purchased a nice quantity of roll formed selective pallet rack for their overflow warehouse area. The pallet rack project went very well, from design to implementation. The customer was able to utilize a considerable amount of formally unusable space by removing a few demising walls and using some creative pallet rack layouts. RMH suggested we utilize common pallet rack components to create a structure capable of supporting a 20’H x 100’L vinyl curtain wall. The curtain wall served two purposes, partition off the workout area from the pallet rack area while providing a visually pleasing finished wall look. As you can see from the picture below, RMH provided a really nice looking product at a very economical price.

This was a great example of finding an unconventional solution with conventional equipment. Not to mention, providing a solution that fits the need of the customer without breaking the bank. Below is a picture of the vinyl curtain demising wall.

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