June 8th, 2016

Waukee, IA

Starting July 1st, the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) treaty will require that all containers have a verified weight certificate before being loaded on a ship. The intention is to reduce the number of accidents at sea, which are primarily caused by inaccurate container weights. The International Maritime will be enforcing the new verification requirements beginning in July with the intention to reduce the number of accidents at sea due to wrongly declared container weights.

Shippers are already required to declare container weights on the bill of lading/paperwork. However, with as many as one-third of the 130 million containers transported each year believed to be overweight, it is clear that many weights are wrongly declared. The change to the SOLAS convention will require that all weights are properly verified using an approved method. If the gross mass of containers is not verified by the shipper, or not stated in the shipping document, the terminal operator must not load the containers on board a ship.

Do you have the right type of weighing equipment to ensure accurate weight verification? Is your equipment calibrated and certified?

All weighing equipment used to provide a verified weight must be calibrated and certified. Weighing equipment means a scale, weighbridge, lifting equipment or any other device which is capable of determining the actual gross mass of a packed container or of packages and cargo items, pallets, dunnage and other packing and securing material.

RMH Can Calibrate and Certify Your Scales

RMH Systems has recently expanded its industrial scale market by adding a branch in Kansas City, KS. We now have scale experts located throughout Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas City. We have a service tech team that consists of 20 scale experts capable of calibrating and certifying your scales for accurate weighing. Our teams can sell, service, and maintain the following industrial scales for your operation:

  • Truck scales
  • Deck/Platform scales
  • Crane scales
  • Lift truck scales
  • Conveyor scales
  • Checkweighers
  • Bench scales
  • Counting scales
  • Rail scales
  • Bin, tank, & hopper scales
  • Monorail scales
  • Axle & wheel scales
  • Shipping scales

We can provide “legal for trade” scales for any application. Please click this link for more information or call 800-851-4995 so we can connect you to your local expert.