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Whether you ship to customers, other businesses or elsewhere, being able to move products quickly is key. As a trusted conveyor system integrator, RMH Systems helps companies like yours add to or improve existing material handling systems so they can fulfill orders more quickly and accurately.

We’ve installed thousands of conveyor systems right here in the Midwest–and across the country–for a wide range of applications, including cases and pallets. We design and build conveyor systems, and our team of in-house experts can help you find the right conveyor system for your needs. When you choose RMH Systems as your partner, you’re aligning yourself with premier conveyor manufacturers in North America.

If you don’t see just what you’re looking for, our experts will engineer a custom solution that meets your exact specifications. Then, you’ll continue to have our support, from installation to operational and preventive maintenance from our team of factory-trained technicians.

Learn more about our offerings for conveyors in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas. Then, request a free, on-site consultation by calling us at 630-516-1115 today!

Our Conveyor Systems

Cartons are shown on a live roller conveyor.

Live Roller Conveyors

Live roller conveyors are a staple for many industries, including distribution centers and warehouses. These conveyors come in many configurations and can handle products large and small. Their powered rollers easily and quickly move products in boxes or on pallets.

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A zero pressure conveyor is shown in a warehouse.

Zero Pressure Conveyors

Zero pressure conveyors and minimum pressure conveyors keep products accumulating efficiently while moving down on the line. They’re ideal for distribution or sortation lines.

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A carton moves across a 24-volt zero-pressure conveyor.

24-Volt Conveyors

As the name suggests, 24-volt conveyors only use 24 volts and only run when you need them. This makes them an excellent choice for saving power in a wide range of industries. And their flexible application allows for reconfiguration in the future.

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Sortation Conveyors

Choose from a wide range of sortation conveyor options, including shoe, narrow belt, ARB and pivot wheel. These conveyors can sort at rates up to 120 per minute, making them ideal for high-volume operations.

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Cartons are shown on an activated roller belt (ARB) conveyor.

Activated Roller Belt Conveyors

Activated roller belt conveyors can manipulate products however you need, with minimal contact for sorting, aligning, singulating, transfer or sorting cases.

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