Boost Efficiency and Decrease Injuries with Robotic Bag Palletizers

Manually lifting heavy industrial bags isn’t just an inefficient production process. It can also affect your bottom line through employee injuries and higher insurance premiums.

Enjoy a competitive edge with robotic bag palletizers, which handle repetitive and potentially dangerous tasks with ease. And make better use of your employees while maintaining outstanding line efficiency.

Your company faces unique challenges. That’s why we specialize in custom industrial robots for your one-of-a-kind application. Because RMH Systems offers in-house engineering, implementation, and aftermarket service expertise, you won’t have to waste time coordinating with multiple vendors. Working with our robotics company is as efficient and seamless as the systems we’ll customize for you.

We’ve been helping companies like yours work more safely and efficiently for more than 80 years. Get in with us today about how our turnkey bag palletizers can help you work smarter and grow your business, regardless of size or complexity.

8 Benefits of Installing Robotic Bag Palletizers

Robotic bag palletizers handle heavy, industrial-sized bags with ease, including food, pet food, raw materials and supplies for the agricultural, chemical and building industries. No matter the size or weight, these machines gently and securely stack bags onto pallets. You’ll be able to transport bags out of your warehouse at world-class speeds, giving you a competitive advantage on fulfillment.

They’re a major improvement from semiautomatic or automatic bag palletizers, which need employees to run them. Find out more about how palletizing robots can benefit your company.

Bag palletizers can palletize more than 300 pounds, and handle finished loads of more than 4,000 pounds. These capabilities can significantly decrease lifting-related injuries, which account for a third of workplace-related injuries.

Bag palletizer machines can also reduce repetitive motion injuries like shoulder or lower back pain. Lower back pain is one of the costliest workplace injuries. It’s the leading cause of disability and makes up nearly 20% of all worker compensation claims, according to FMP Global. Nearly 500,000 claims are filed each year with an average compensation of $24,000.

Nationwide, companies lose 264 million workdays each year because of lower back pain. And it costs American workers at least $50 billion in healthcare costs annually. When you include lost wages and lower productivity, that figure increases to more than $100 billion.

With robotic programming, you’ll enjoy better quality and repeatability with less waste and damage to products. Because bags are placed consistently every time, there won’t be any jarring, shifting or shaking. Full automation rewards you with consistency every time, so you won’t have to worry whether stack patterns were done correctly.

Today’s consumers want more products faster than ever before. With e-commerce expecting to balloon to a staggering $893 billion in 2022, don’t let your company get left behind. Robotic bag palletizers can work around the clock and aren’t affected by pandemic shutdowns. They can keep going without downtime, if your lines allow it, to meet seasonal peaks or higher consumer expectations. You’ll be able to boost production while decreasing labor and operating costs with the help of an automatic bag palletizer machine.

Adding robotic bag palletizers can lower your recruitment costs and labor rates, which can range from $15/hourly or $60,000/annually or more for just one employee. Depending on your labor rates, a high-speed bag palletizer can generally pay for itself in just a few years. By taking on monotonous tasks, a robotic bag palletizer can also improve retention and lower costs associated with turnover and training.

Factories are becoming more desperate for workers as more baby boomers retire. In fact, nearly one-fourth of the manufacturing workforce is 55 or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As these baby boomers age and retire, factories are becoming more desperate for workers.

More than 2.4 million jobs will need to be filled between now and 2028, according to the Manufacturing Institute. But those jobs may go unfulfilled as skill sets evolve, younger workers seek other careers, baby boomers retire and companies struggle to retain quality employees. Having bag palletizers will prepare you for fewer workers on the floor.

Robotic bag palletizers don’t need a lot of maintenance, with service needed about every one to three years. Their maintenance schedule depends on the environment they’re used in. Systems used in dirty, wet or refrigerated settings may need more support. As your single-source integration partner, RMH takes care of all your maintenance and support needs.

Automation is much more consistent, which helps decrease errors and damage to products. In return, you’re rewarded with better stack integrity and improved customer satisfaction.

RMH Systems can design and integrate a custom robotic palletizing system that fits your unique needs.

Industries Where Robotic Bag Palletizers Are Used

  • Cheese and dairy
  • Cold storage
  • General production and distribution
  • Primary meat and poultry
  • Construction materials
  • Raw materials
  • Seed
  • Fertilizers
  • Grain

This is just a sample of the industries where our robotic bag palletizers are used. Don’t see yours listed?

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Applications and Configurations for Robotic Bag Palletizers

A robotic bag palletizer stacks bags on a pallet.

Robotic bag palletizers can be used in a wide range of applications and configurations. We offer a full range of options, so ask our engineers about how we can design a custom robotic palletizer for your company.

Capabilities of Robotic Bag Palletizers

  • Gently handles heavy, industrial-sized bags of products or raw materials with ease.
  • Completes up to 20 cycles per minute in the most common applications.
  • Compatible with harsh environments and temperatures, including blast freezers and refrigeration used in food production.
  • Integrates with automatic stretch film wrappers.
  • Has vision and scanning capabilities for barcodes and other identifying marks.
  • Other capabilities include upstream vision, product labeling, sortation and scales.

These are just a few of the capabilities of palletizing robots. Ask our engineers about how we can customize a system that meets your needs.

Robotic Bag Palletizing Project Capabilities

Many top manufacturers, producers and companies have chosen RMH as their single-source robotics integration partner. Learn more about the robotic bag palletizing projects we’ve completed across North America.

A robotic depalletizer in a food and beverage processing plant.

Major Food and Beverage Companies

Multiple liquid and dry fill plants across North America


Environment: Hot and dusty | Cool, damp and wet | Temperature controlled

Large bags rest on pallets in a warehouse.

Major Ag Chemical Producers

Sites in Iowa, Georgia, Missouri and Nebraska

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