Maximize Vertical Space with Pallet Racking in Chicago, IL

If your operations involve pallets but you’re struggling with limited space, poor organization, inventory damage or bottlenecks in your material handling processes, it’s time to consider adding pallet racking to your facility. Pallet racking helps you:

  • Maximize your floor space by taking advantage of vertical space.
  • Enhance your organization by storing inventory or products in a systematic manner, which helps streamline operations and improve productivity.
  • Reduce safety hazards by providing secure storage solutions that keep aisles clear.
  • Improve your workflow by maximizing your warehouse layout and material handling processes by allowing easier access to inventory and order fulfillment.
  • Decrease the risk of product damage by keeping pallets secure during storage.

As a leading expert in material handling systems and warehouse racking, RMH Systems can help you select the right pallet racking for your needs, including structural or boltless solutions. And, if you’re struggling with an inefficient facility layout, we can help you make the most of your space, storage and efficiency to help you save money and increase throughput. Learn more about our offerings for pallet racking in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas, and then request a free on-site consultation by calling us at 630-516-1115 today!

Our Pallet Racking Solutions

Selective Pallet Rack

Efficiently uses space while providing immediate access to every pallet stored. Provides best ratio of storage capacity to product selectivity. Ideal if you need access to products at all times, have a wide variety of SKUs, want flexibility in reconfiguring storage and need an economical solution.

Double Deep Pallet Rack

Eliminates the need for an aisle between selective pallet racks and saves up to 65% of available floor space. Requires deep-reach lift trucks. Ideal if you need increased storage density, don’t need immediate access to products, less important to rotate stock, want flexibility in reconfiguring storage and need an economical solution.

Storage Solutions

Pallet Flow Rack

FIFO high-density storage system ideal for increasing the number of pallet positions and rotating stock. Pallet flow rack is ideal for applications where pallets need to be removed quickly, such as food distribution or high-volume consumer goods.

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Drive in/thru rack

Drive In Drive Through Pallet Rack

FILO storage system offering the highest-density storage available. Loads densely stored in lanes several positions deep and retrieved by lift equipment. Ideal for operations where a large quantity of few products are stored. Requires well-trained lift drivers and frequent safety inspections.

Red and green pushback racking is shown in a warehouse.

Pushback Pallet Rack

High-density storage system that can store two to 6 pallets deep. Similar to drive-in/drive-through rack but offers better selectivity and accessibility to a wider range of SKUs. Ideal if you have same-size pallets, want aisle access to each pick face, have a large numbers of SKUs and want to avoid lift trucks entering rack.

Pallet Shuttle Rack

Combines high-density storage and automated rearranging and retrieval of pallets. Eliminates traditional labor costs with training, lift trucks and maintenance. Ideal for high throughput, high product rotation, high stock counts, varying SKUs and large number of pallets per SKU.

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