Maximize Space with Storage Optimization and Warehouse Racking in Chicago, IL

An inefficient layout in your warehouse or facility doesn’t just cost you valuable space. It also affects how efficiently you can organize your products or inventory, creates operational bottlenecks and reduces productivity.

As a material handling systems expert, RMH Systems delivers solutions that leverage data-driven insights and industry expertise to create layouts that optimize workflow processes, minimize travel distances and enhance inventory visibility.

Investing in storage optimization:

  • Maximizes space by allowing more products to be stored in your current space.
  • Saves money by expanding without building a permanent addition.
  • Ensures safety by upgrading to safer, more reliable equipment.
  • Improves access by making it easier to get to any product, any time you need it.

As an industry leader in high-quality warehouse racking in Chicago, IL, and across the country, our team can help you reimagine your facility’s layout to maximize space, storage and efficiency. Then, we’ll help you find the right standard–or custom–design suited to your unique needs. All our rack solutions exceed all Rack Manufacturers Institute and ANSI standards. We’re also proud to offer the largest in-stock inventory of rack and accessories in the Chicagoland area, available to ship within one to two business days.

Ready to find out how our warehouse racking and layout optimization services can help you? Learn more about the solutions we offer and then give us a call at 630-516-1115 to request a free on-site consultation today!

Our Warehouse Racking and Storage Optimization Solutions

Pallet racking in a warehouse

Pallet Racking

Easily access individual pallets and maximize storage density while providing organization and accessibility for inventory management. Various pallet racking configurations available to best fit your warehouse and storage requirements, including structural and boltless racking in various sizes and capacities.

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Storage Solutions

Pallet Flow Rack

Efficient, cost-effective system for high-density pallet storage and FIFO inventory control for flexible selectivity. Pallet flow rack is ideal for fast-moving inventory where space optimization, inventory rotation and fast retrieval is critical.

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Carton flow rack

Specialty Warehouse Racking

Find standard or custom warehouse racking that’s uniquely suited to your industry and your business, including pushback, drive in/drive through, cantilever, carton flow and more!

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Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse shelving increases your storage space without upgrading to a full pallet rack. These industrial racks and warehouse steel shelving systems provide versatile organizational strength.

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standard steel mezzanine

Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines turn unused overhead space into valuable floor space, with openings and stairways wherever you need them. Can be designed around equipment, building columns or obstructions to add production, storage or office space at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

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mezzanine and office

Modular Offices

Add office space to your warehouse with a quick modular solution. Modular offices can be quickly assembled, disassembled and relocated as needed, offering flexibility in adapting to changing layouts or operational requirements.

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