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Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifting equipment can be designed to lift, hold, turn, tilt or rotate. Almost any object can be vacuum lifted to improve efficiency, automate production and prevent injuries. We have a variety of custom solutions for your team.  Contact us for more information.

We are proud vendors of  Gorbel, Anver and Schmalz vacuum lifter equipment.


  • E-Z Tilt Vertical-Horizontal Lifters

    EZ-Tilt Vacuum Lifters are designed to tilt and hold a load in place manually either horizontally or vertically. Designed for easy one person handling of small, thin loads quickly and efficiently. The unique quadro-link mechanism gives the operator a mechanical advantage so little effort is required to tilt in either direction.


  • Air Powered Vacuum Lifters

    The Standard Air-Powered Series Vacuum Lifters/Tilters are designed to significantly reduce the effort of upending heavy loads while providing powerful suction force and 90 degree tilt capability.

  • Tube Lift Systems

    These systems offer ergonomic lifting for repetitive handling applications which will increase productivity. Vacuum tube lifters are used for packing small appliances, computer equipment, furniture, virtually any item to which a vacuum pad can be attached. Palletizing, stacking, loading and unloading bags, sacks, cartons, printed material, buckets, drums and pails are among the typical uses. Also, raw materials can be lifted and lowered into position for weighing, emptying, or mixing ingredients in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

    Tube Lift Systems are easy to use and install; tube lifters use vacuum to both attach and lift a load, eliminating need for chain hoists or manipulators.

  • Powered Vacuum Lifters

    Our powered vacuum lifters are based on modular interchangeable components to accommodate thousands of applications. Lifters are customized for various beam lengths, cross arms, pads and suspensions. Numerous pad attachments, water traps, handlebars controls are available for many customization options.

    powered vacuum lifter

  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Lifters

    The heavy duty lifters are designed to handle heavy metal plates in mills, metal centers, and large fabricators. We also provide a wide assortment of large, compatible vacuum pads in various shapes and sizes for extra-heavy loads. Standard or custom, these vacuum lifters are specifically designed for our customers who require a rugged, heavy-duty vacuum lifter with a large capacity.

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