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Steel Strap

We carry an extensive line of steel strapping materials. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs

  • Steel Strapping Tools

    We stock and service strapping tools for every application. Steel strap can be tensioned and sealed using conventional two-piece tool systems and one-piece combination tools.

    We also carry tools that will tension, seal and cut strap utilizing a seal-less notch. The seal-less method is more efficient than conventional crimp seals, and eliminates time and material from your strapping process.

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  • Steel Strapping – High Tensile

    A high carbon steel strapping that is heat treated to produce a product which combines high strength and elongation (stretch) for shock resistance.

    Typical applications are unitizing compressed fiber bales, securing heavy steel coils and open-top railcar and trailer loading

  • Steel Strapping – Super Duty

    A mid-carbon alternative to High Tensile steel strapping, with similar performance characteristics.

    Ideal for many palletizing, unitizing, packaging and baling applications in a wide range of industries, e.g. brick and lumber.

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  • Steel Strapping – Regular Duty

    A low carbon steel strapping produced for low to medium duty applications, e.g., package reinforcement, unitizing, bundling, palletizing and box closure.

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