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Skin Packagers - Table Model

You can start with a table-top skin machine and add bases and other options as your volume increases. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

Our Vendors
Feel free to visit QVAC for additional specifications and details.

  • Starview MSP-1218 Skin Packaging Machine

    Starview’s MSP Series skin packaging machines are designed for low volume applications.  They incorporate a stationary heating system with instant on/off heaters, which come up to heat instantly during cycles and turn off for loading/unloading.  The MSP skin packaging machines have timer control for precision repeatability and an accurate turbine regulator.  The MSP Series is available in the standard size 12 by 18 inches and 18 by 24 inches.  For larger machines with additional automation and higher levels of production please consider our SP, SP/IR, ASP and ASP/IR Series.

    Additional Information

    • Cycle start button
    • Emergency STOP push button
    • Heater timer
    • Vacuum timer
    • Tubular quartz heater system
    • Manual film clamping frame
    • Turbine vacuum system
    • Compressed air not required
    • Double roll support for film
    • Uses standard 20” wide film
    • Optional manual film slitter available
    • Easy access to machine for maintenance
    • Painted steel construction
    • Steel components powder coated blue color
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