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Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Just what you need for heat shrinkable tamper evident banding, sleeve labeling, and multi-packing! Our multi-patented technology provides complete control over the bands and sleeves through a unique system of minimal moving mechanisms. Common applicators that we feature include: shrink sleeve sealing, neck banding, tamper evident protection, lableling, and multi-packing. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.

Our Vendors
Feel free to visit Axon Corp. for additional specifications and details.

  • Axon®EZ-100 Series Sleeve Applicators

    The Axon® EZ-100 is a heat shrink tamper evident band and sleeve label applicator. Depending on the container configuration the EZ-100 series is designed to accommodate product widths from 3/8″ to 2-11/16″. This fully automatic, continuous motion machine utilizes minimal moving parts for high reliability and low maintenance.

    Additional Information

    • Max Rate: 150 cpm
    • Max Sleeve Lay Flat: 112 mm
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