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Safety Guard Rail

We offer a full line of safety products from Steel King to help you protect your equipment, including rack, and personnel. Contact us about safety products and protective guard rail.

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We are proud vendors of Steel King guard rail.

Safety Guard Rail Video
Safety Guard Rail

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  • Free Standing Column Protectors

    Protect your pallet rack uprights from fork lift damage at their most critical point with Free Standing Column Protectors. Designed to protect both 3″ and 4″ wide uprights, Free Standing Column Protectors come in three standard heights, with custom heights available.

    Additional Information

    • Standard heights of 12", 18" or 24"
    • Protects 3" or 4" wide uprights
    • Anchor hardware included
    See Complete Specifications

  • Snap Guard Column Protectors

    Help prevent rack damage with column protectors. Increase the abuse resistance on SK2000® upright columns with our the SK Snap-Guard industrial column protector. The SK Snap-Guard is an adjustable column protector for boltless rack that protects the upright rack column from forklift damage. Snap-Guard is constructed of structural angle, and features an exclusive 4-rivet connection that automatically locks into the upright column. Adjustable, removable and flexible, the Snap-Guard can be used to protect each storage level. A great aftermarket addition to any pallet rack installation.

    Additional Information

    • Easy aftermarket add-on
    • 4-rivet snap-on connection
    • Auto-engaging safety lock
    • Adjustable in 2” increments
    • Remove and adjust tool available
    See Complete Specifications

  • Armor Guard® Industrial Safety Railing

    Armor Guard® is an economical, medium duty industrial guard rail, perfect for delineating personnel walkways, separating employees from lift truck traffic.

    Armor Guard® safety railing is built to the same quality standards as Steel Guard. Offering a similar protective railing modular design that is easy to expand and relocate.

    Additional Information

    • Amor Guard® comes in a single high or three high versions.
    • Posts are universal (holes on 3 sides) and made from 3” square structural tubing on an 8” square baseplate.
    • Rails are 9 3/4”, 11 gauge, 2 ribbed rails and can be utilized as either bolted or lift out rails.
    • All required mounting hardware and caps included with posts.

    This railing is painted with a high-durability powder coat paint finish. Powder coated products offer better resistance to water and corrosion, better gloss, hardness, and adhesion. In fact, Steel King powder coated products give you:

    • 60% Greater Resistance To Solvents
    • 74% Greater Resistance To Salt Spray
    • 94% Greater Impact Resistance
    See Complete Specifications

  • Mega Guard®

    Mega Guard®, all-welded steel protector, is designed to help keep fork trucks and other in-plant vehicles from damaging facilities and equipment. Mega Guard® is constructed of rugged 4”square x ¼” wall structural steel tubes welded to 10” x 10” x 5/8” base plates.

    Additional Information

    • Prefabricated, eliminating the time and costs of design
    • Installed using anchor bolts to eliminate the cost of core-drilling
    • One-piece construction for quick installation
    • Can be made in nearly any size
    • Powder coated for greater resistance to water and corrosion
    See Complete Specifications

  • Column Core®

    Forklift damage is the biggest factor in 90% of rack failures. Column Core’s unique double C-shaped column reinforcement takes a rack that’s already 2-1/2 times more impact resistant than open-back uprights and doubles it.

    Additional Information

    • Reduces puncturing, buckling
    • Increases protection without additional installation costs
    • Retains full-beam adjustability
    • Reinforce only as high as needed
    See Complete Specifications

  • Guard Dawg®

    A bright yellow finish combines with solid steel floor anchors to make this product a highly visible and effective solution to prevent fork truck damage. Guard vulnerable areas of your rack rows and save time and money. Standard or custom sizes available. For custom sizes, measure the upright depth and ½ of the row spacing.

    Additional Information

    • 5" x 3" x 3/8" angle
    • Right, Left or Double ended guards
    • Protects 3" or 4" wide upright columns
    • Anchors and hardware included
    See Complete Specifications

  • “Steel Guard” Guard Rail

    Industrial lift truck accidents are a common and costly occurrence. OSHA estimates that there are 68,400 accidents each year, involving powered industrial trucks. Approximately 90,000 workers suffer some type of injuries in these accidents, resulting in lost work time, workers’ compensation claims, and productivity losses – not to mention the damage inflicted upon equipment and facilities. About 100 people lose their lives each year in these accidents. Steel King’s “Steel Guard” protective railing system is a cost-effective barrier against the effects of such accidents. Typical applications include loading docks, workstations, compressors, pallet rack aisle ends and around in-plant offices.

    “Steel Guard” is specifically designed for fork truck protection. Steel Guard is constructed of heavy corrugated steel rails, mounted to structural steel columns, that absorb the impact exerted by fork trucks or other mobile equipment. “Steel Guard” is prefabricated, eliminating all on site core drilling, cutting, welding, or painting.

    Additional Information

    • Threaded connection holes for quick assembly
    • Pre-punched base plates for anchoring
    • Anchor bolts included
    • Base plates pre punched for anchoring
    • 3 bolt connection each rail
    • Rail bolts included
    See Complete Specifications

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