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Rail Scales

RMH Systems offers Avery Weigh-Tronix Rail Scales. Avery Weight-Tronix Rail Scales offer accurate, dependable weighments at an economical cost. Contact us to get detailed information for your specific needs.


  • Weighline Rail Scale

    The Weighline rail scale is designed to provide rail car weights quickly, safely and affordably.  The Weighline rail scale is rugged and accurate, with accuracies of ± 0.25% or better. It can weigh rail cars either statically or in motion, at speeds in excess of 50 mph and has OIML R60 and R106 certificates of conformity.

    Additional Information

    • Fast payback-accurate rail car weighing saves you from costly under loading of cars and overload fines
    • Safety - Use wheel weights to assure safe, balanced loading
    • Low-cost installation - No pits or foundations to construct
    • Versatile instrumentation - Static or in-motion weighing
    • Gapless weighbridge for in-motion weighing
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  • Streamline Bolt-On Weigh Transducer

    Legal for trade.  Streamline offers a new technological approach to train weighing, providing an accurate, cost effective and quick to install weighing solution.  This in-line weighing system consists of bolt-on transducers that can be quickly installed directly onto the track without the need to cut or weld rails.

    Additional Information

    • Installs in hours
    • Weighs static or in-motion, full or two draft
    • Accepts a variety of indicators, controllers, and printers
    • Uses "Twin Stripe Technology" that only measures the vertical forces of train wheels
    • Reliable and durable for minimal maintenance
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  • Railroad Low Profile Ground Rail Scale

    A modular, low profile railroad track scale designed for above ground installation.

    Weighline features an advanced modular construction. A single module has a weigh rail length of 12′ 6″ (3.8 m), and two modules give a weigh rail length of 26′ (7.92 m). A standard version with exposed rail or flush deck version available. 130,000 lb, NTEP approved, compression load cells provide 30% more capacity and a self-aligning rocker pin assembly ensures even and consistent weight application to the load cells.

    Additional Information

    • Low installation cost
    • Simple pitless design-just 16 anchors in weighbridge foundation
    • Load Cell Protection
    • Extra capacity shear beam load cells - 125,000 lb, NTEP approved, double ended shear beams
    • Side load eliminated
    • Low maintenance
    • Rigid checking
    • Higher dead load
    See Complete Specifications

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